There is an emerging innovative way to interact the world wide web. This new technology is Web 3.0, a new way for users to interact and develop within the web. Web 3.0 will allow users to share and interact with data in a new way, with fundamental notions such as Artificial Intelligence, and the The Semantic Web.

History Edit

The notion of the world wide web was born in 1989, when Sir Tim Berners-Lee proposed the foundation of the internet as "Information Management: A Proposal". Although the project was not approved by the CERN, Berners-Lee dedicated himself to creating the foundation of the world wide web. By 1990 Berners-Lee had written HTML, URI, and HTTP. This new technology would then be known worldwide and used free of charge.[1]

Today Edit

With the underlying foundation of the original web, known as Web 1.0, a new era emerged as innovative notions were implemented. In contrast to the original Web 1.0, the Web 2.0 focuses on the dynamic and interactive use of the web. Allowing users to share information within communities, and social media outlets such as Facebook.[2]

This new development is currently evolving in to what will be known as the Web 3.0. New technologies are being derived such as cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, and the The Semantic Web. With the implementation of artificial intelligence Web 3.0 will be intuitive, and efficient, providing users with a better online experience.[3]

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