Search engine optimization is the process of improving a ranking in a search engine to drive higher viewership to a website. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing return primary search results on web pages their crawlers and algorithms think are most accurate to a users search. Knowing the algorithm allows search engine optimization by focusing on making a website better fit the criteria required to be posted higher on a search result.[1]

Factors for Search Engine Optimization Edit

A few important off the page factors to optimizing a website for better search engine results include:

  1. Links that are of trusted and of high quality, and having a high number of links in a web page.
  2. Gaining trusted authority from search engines, accomplished by a history of operating in the same manner.
  3. Social networking sharing links to a website can improve search engine returns for a site.
  4. Earning continued website viewership.

On the page factors play an important role also and include:

  1. Content that is on topic to a search query and is of high quality that keeps visitors to a page around.
  2. HTML is one of the most prominent factors with meta tags and topic description helping crawlers find relevant sites.
  3. Speed and architecture of a site also dictate how a crawler ranks a site in search results. [2]
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