Search Algorithms are widely used today, from Search Engines like Google, to social media outlets such as Facebook. In general terms, it focuses on finding specific values that are desired within a list of values.[1] These searches can be written in various algorithms which can utilize many structures.

Implementations Edit

The use of search algorithms are implemented into the world wide web, through the use of Search Engines such as Google. Search algorithms allow for web Search Engines to return search results that have been analyzed, ranked, and matched with correlated information circulating.[2]

Search Structures Edit

Two main structures which can be found within Search Algorithms include the use of linear search and binary search. Linear search is a basic search method, in which the algorithm goes through a list of values and searches for the desired value. Linear search has an average speed of O(n).[3]

In contrast to linear search, binary search starts the search in the middle of the list, sorting is required before undergoing binary search. If the value is the desired value search in the middle the process stops, if its higher it repeats the process with the values before the first middle search. If lower, the process is repeated with the values after the first middle search. The expected speed at which binary search performs is O(log N).[4]

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