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The purpose of this wiki is to provide information about searches under the conventions of the Semantic Web (Web 3.0). This information is relevant and important to the majority of the population given that everyday life is increasingly centered around technology, smartphones and the internet. Understanding the information provided in this Wiki will benefit those who use internet services on a regular basis. Topics covered will be broken down into three interrelated categories, which will include personalized searches, the concept of the “Filter Bubble”, and user data tracking that is inherently necessary to creating and delivering a personalized web experience, tailored to each specific individual.

Table of Pages:

- Adchoices

- Facebook

Browsing Habits

- Interests

- Data Tracking

Collecting Data
Filter Bubble

- Search Algorithms

Search Algorithms
- Indexing

- Crawling

Search Engine Optimization

- Keyword Density

Search Engines
- Google

- Yahoo

- Bing

User Accounts

- Data Collective Accounts

Web 3.0     

- Artificial Intelligence

- The Semantic Web

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