Collecting Data

Data collection is a variety of methods that bussnesses use to gather information on users. These bussness include Facebook , Google , Yahoo and Bing among many others.

Data collection methods Edit

Data colleciton methods can include surveys that the user has done on Facebook, feedback on individual websites, methods involving the use of Artificial Intelligence, such as tracking browsing habits, individual's use of user accounts that are data collective, or tracking other elements of that user's behavior. Facebook has an interesting method of tracking users, in which the company uses the "like" button embedded on sites to track user paths and behavior.

Cookies Edit

One of the more prominent data collection techniques on the web today is the integration of cookies. There are many different types of cookies including session, persistent, secure, httponly, SameSite, third-party, supercookie, and zombie cookies. Cookies can be used for session management by tracking what a user does while on the site and optimizing site performance for the users actions.[1] Personalizing content is also another feature available with cookie data. [2] Cookie implementation also allows tracking of users web browsing habits such as sites a user visits and length of time spent on a website.[3]

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