Bing is a web browser developed and distributed by Microsoft. It replaced Microsoft's "Live Search" in 2009. Bing is currently the 2nd most used search engine on the planet, it is directly behind Google, which is number 1[1]. Yahoo! search, powered by Bing, is currently in 3rd.

History Edit

Bing is owned and operated by Microsoft. Bing itself is just another step in the evolution of Microsoft's long line of search engines. Originally known as MSN Search, released on August 24th 1995[2]. MSN Search would get re-branded by Microsoft several times, eventually becoming Windows Live Search, then just Live Search. On May 28th 2009, CEO Steve Ballmer announced the next step for Microsoft's Live Search, Bing[3].

The Yahoo! search engine, in most part, is powered by Bing. This partnership started in 2009, in which Microsoft worked out a 10-year deal to begin phasing out Yahoo!. Bing would start powering all of the searches which take place on Yahoo!, but the Yahoo! interface would be maintained. In 2015 this deal had been changed, to allow Bing to power a majority of the searches occuring on Yahoo! instead of all of them[4].

Bing rivals Google not only in user numbers, but also their searching algorithm. Google searches and counts through "clean" backlinks to get more quality searches. While Bing does not care about the quality of the backlink, leading to a large quantity of search results[5]. This is how both Google and Bing Optimize their Search Engines .

When Users search on Bing, they are recommended to sign into an account. This account will store search information about the user in browser cookies. Over time the more you search on the account, the more personalized it becomes. However, for a User this will create a Filter Bubble. Causing the user to see similar search results and unknowingly ignore certain websites.

Bing's Intelligent Search Edit

Bing's Intelligent Search is a series of Machine Learning Searching Algorithms backed by Microsoft's Project Brainwave[6]. Intelligent Search will help queue up possible searches in order to find the best possible answer. Working the users search input in a way that would display what the user most likely wants based on information from User Accounts. Also Bing's Intelligent Search takes data from different sources to form quick answers within the search browser itself. This is common in other search engines like Google, however, Bing build's answers based off multiple other websites. Bing will take facts from several websites to create a short answer which the User can read right in the search bar. Along with image search and Reddit Integration, Bing is a powerful search engine backed by Microsoft's Project Brainwave[7].

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