Advertising on the Internet Edit

The goal of internet advertising is to generate traffic to the advertiser's web page, Facebook page, mobile app, et cetera. Advertising is done through pictures, videos, pop-ups, page, takeovers (which blacks out, or otherwise renders unviewable, a web page to show you the advertisement), and others.

Personalized Advertisements Edit

Ads are frequently personalized to an individual user through User Accounts. Different users will be show advertisements tailored to them with data collected through their various user accounts, and then parsed through a service like Google Adchoices.

Filter Bubbles Edit

Advertising on the internet can create Filter Bubbles. As browser cookies store your information, they create custom advertisements which are tailor made for the User. Now, as the User browses, shares, and likes pages on the internet, they began to see adds based on items they have searched. These ads can start to repeat based on how often the User searches things. If a User commonly researches kitchen equipment on amazon, then most ads found across the search engine will have to do with kitchen equipment. These are personalized ads, and they can create problems for the User. The User may only see advertisements for items they've searched before, thus creating a Filter Bubble, and stuck in a loop of already seen advertisements. They will never experience any other advertisements.

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